“I must share this post created by two of the most wonderful people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

They have been in love and married for a number of years.  They have been openly building a beautiful life together and also building year by year a business in Health and Wellness.

And as you can see in their before pictures and now the progress they have made.

This is not a weight-loss company.  And therefore not the cause or reason for my post.

This is to show you what they have been able to do with consistent effort.  These two have taken hard days and turned them in to victories.  Something that because of social media you and I are able to be witness to.

I am humbled by their friendship and I’m so proud of their progress, and yes there are products that you can purchase that will help you with feeling better and stronger and more able to work out, but that’s not what this post is about this is me bragging on them, showing you what months and months and months of hard, consistent, raw work can do.

Dave and Christine, you deserve a lifetime of joy, good health and prosperity you make Melaleuca proud!”  (8/27/17)

Sheri F. from CA

“I have known you and Dave via: Facebook/Melaleuca for 2-3 years.  I have watched your journey to reduce your weight. You guys have inspired me in a couple of ways:

  1. You and Dave started the journey TOGETHER. In this day and age where marriages often are troubled, at least through FB, you have presented a loving and wholesome picture of togetherness in marriage. I’ve seen how you each praise and encourage each other in the journey to better health.
  2. I have seen CONSISTENCY. It is refreshing to see you have had the same goals for 3 years now. And are only building momentum!
  3. My perception of you is HONEST, GENUINE, and CARING. This is like a breath of fresh air in today’s culture.

God bless you guys on this effort!”  (8/26/17)

Ruth M. from OH

“It is so inspiring to see how far both of you have come in your weight loss and health journey.  A couple working towards the same goal in life and in their business is destined for success!  Keep up the hard work and keep inspiring and helping others with your story!

We are proud to have you as a part of our ETTWomen community.  (www.ETTWomen.com)”   (8/25/17)

Lynette B. from NJ (CoFounder of Entrepreneur Think Tank For Women)

“I got to know Dave and Christine a few years back.  They are an amazing couple!  Always a smile and kind word.  Watching them transform in the time I’ve known them has been amazing to witness. They are a true inspiration to stick to your goals and get healthy from the inside out!  I look forward to our next “face to face” and get my arms further around them in a tight squeeze!  Love you guys!”  (8/22/17)

June Kramin ~ Author from MN

“I believe I first met Dave and Christine as part of the Melaleuca northeast group.  Dave and Christine are always open and engaging and an inspiration in their journey to total health and wellness.  Their journey to lose weight to get healthy has been consistent and inspired by doing their goals consistently.  They walk the walk and talk the talk of wellness.  Always positive and upbeat and always willing to help others change their lives.”  (8/22/17)

Douglas D. from NY

“Living testimony and an inspiration to many. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey. I love you guys.”  (9/2/17)

Esther A. from CA

“It’s been a pleasure to watch you two journey together these past couple of years.  Loving your journey.”  (9/1/17)

Kathleen R. from PA

“That’s awesome.  Both of you have done amazing!  What a wonderful journey and the commitment and supplements gave you the opportunity.  Very happy for both of you. Now, to get others to join you on your healthy journey.”  (1/12/17)

Jesse W. from MO

“You look amazing…. more importantly, you are healthier.”  (1/12/17)

Colleen T. from England

“Fabulous story. So inspirational. Thanks for sharing.”  (1/13/17)

Laura R. from NJ

“Wow! That is inspiring. Great work!”  (1/11/17)

Shelly W. from OH

“Wow, definitely inspiring! So happy for you! All the best on your journey! 💜😊”  (1/11/17)

Michelle T. from NY

“You are an inspiration to many.  Thank you for sharing! 😀”  (1/11/17)

Sheri K. from MD

“Fantastic effort!  You both have done brilliant!”  (1/11/17)

Mark. R. from N. Ireland

“Amazing, truly inspirational!”  (1/11/17)

Cam M. from Canada

“Wow you look gorgeous!!!! Great job as women we will always struggle with weight but you are doing great!!!!”  (1/11/17)

Caroline W. from NY

“Congratulations, just keep focusing on your dreams, the power is within you.”  (4/15/17)

Jacqueline R. from RI

“You look terrific and healthy!”  (4/15/17)

Sheri L. from NJ

“You look great! You are true motivation for me to get healthier!”  (4/15/17)

Jerry B. from NY

“Amazing!  Now that’s determination and true inspiration! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”  (4/15/17)

Scott C. from England

“You have a beautiful soul and a kind heart…both of y’all do!  As a couple, you’re an inspiration to me…you’re a living picture of what I want one day for myself!”  (4/14/17)

Audrey B. from TX

“This is totally awesome..you should be proud!”  (4/14/17)

Noel S. from NY

“Looks great!  Keep up all your good work!”  (4/14/17)

Marla L. from MA

“Omg!!!  You look FABULOUS!!!  GREAT WORK!!”  (4/14/17)

Michelle M. from NY

“That is awesome Christine, you look fantabulous!”  (4/14/17)

Kimberly C. from NJ

“Awesome! You’re an inspiration!!!”  (4/14/17)

Kristen N. from NY

“Awesome…Simply awesome!!!”  (8/27/17)

Willy F. from NY

“Great to see the inspirational people you two have become!”  (8/27/17)

Joe B. from England

“Congratulations, you look fabulous.  Those old pictures are what motivates you to move forward and to remind yourself of how far you have come. #lovefitness #lovehealth #loveyourself”  (8/26/17)

Kelly H. from England

“Amazing!  Great job guys!!  Fantastic!!! ❤ Thank you for sharing your amazing journey.”   (8/22/17)

Tina S. from IN

“Amazing! 🖒❤”  (8/22/17)

Joanne R. from NJ

“Amazing website!  Thanks for allowing me to check it out.  I must admit you both are only going to inspire me as I am looking to downsize myself.  So thank you!  I can’t compliment your website enough and I mean that! 🙂”  (8/23/17)

Chris A. from England

“Absolutely….You two have transformed yourselves.  Proud Melaleucians!”  (8/23/17)

Jay V. from FL

“That’s Awesome!!!  I need help doing what you did and it inspires me!!!  I will definitely share!!!”  (8/23/17)

Josephine M. from NJ

“Christine, seeing how great you’re doing is an inspiration for me.  I started taking my vitamin packs and I am back at the gym with the help of having a shake before I go.  I love our wellness company and wish more people would realize what a great company it is.  💕😊🤗👍”  (8/22/17)

Debra Q. from NJ

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