Difficult Anniversaries

mummum as teenagermum as a young girlMum and Dad in their 20's

It’s funny how life works out sometimes.  Today, (the 12th September, I wrote this blog late) is the 18th anniversary of the day my mum passed away.  She had leukemia.  This date is always a tough day for me to deal with.  I lost my dad when I was just 14 and my mum when I was 29.  They were great parents who, to be honest, spoiled me when I was a kid.  I was an only child and they made sure I wanted for nothing.  They certainly made sure I knew I was loved.

I know they would be proud of the way I’ve turned my health around.

Anyway, the reason for this blog is I just received a PM from someone on Facebook who is an old friend of Mum’s family.  She saw a post I made earlier on Facebook about the anniversary and a tribute site I had set up a while ago for Mum.   She sent me six photos of mum in her childhood.  Two photos I’d seen before, in fact I’d had them but lost them years ago.  So it’s really nice to see them again.  But getting these photos was just the boost I needed to blast me through my depression.  It’s funny how these little synchronicities can happen just when they’re needed.  Or maybe it’s Mum, smiling down at me and sending me something she knew would cheer me up.

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