I Hate Running!


I HATE running!

Let me clarify that.  I hate the way I feel while I’m running.  I hate the way my legs burn and having to fight through the discomfort and that desire to stop.  Maybe when my fitness increases a bit more that discomfort will lessen.  Or maybe I’ll just find it easier to deal with.

So why do I run?

Because I LOVE the way that I feel after my run.  That glow, that satisfaction of knowing I’m doing something good for myself that will have long term health benefits,

I LOVE the way my legs are beginning to look.  I have runners legs now.  My thighs are firmer, my calves have muscles.  I have visible hamstrings!

I LOVE the fact I’m losing inches.  Since I took up running I have dropped two (maybe three) pant sizes!

I LOVE the fact my sugar levels are much better.  As a diabetic this is crucial.  Since I started running my fasting sugar has been averaging in the 70’s and 80’s.  Even today after my run my sugar was 80.

I LOVE the fact my fitness and stamina are improving.  A year ago if I had to run half a block yards to catch a bus I would be panting for breath, my heart would be racing and I would break out in a cold sweat.  Now I can run a mile and while my heart rate is elevated, (it comes down much quicker) I’m not panting like I used to be and no cold sweats.  In fact, no negative reaction at all.

I LOVE knowing I’m getting healthier.

I LOVE looking in the mirror and not hating what I see.

I LOVE discovering new things about myself like that I have the mental toughness to keep going through the pain and discomfort when my body just wants to stop.

So in a nutshell there are a lot more reasons to LOVE running than there are to HATE running.  No, running is not easy.  But have you ever noticed how nothing truly worthwhile ever is.  The good far outweighs the bad.  That’s why I am a runner for life.

8 thoughts on “I Hate Running!

  1. Keep going and well done with your efforts to date, but don’t overdo to the point of injuries or worse.

    I started running in my mid 40s and I was so slow to begin with but built up to a average of about 30 miles of combined running and walking each week. I lost every ounce of fat I had and loved the experience of feeling so light and free as I ran the 2.5 miles around our city lake.

    Running is the best exercise there is imo and if you do enough dieting is not really necessary although eating healthy absolutely still is. 😁😁

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  2. Spoken like a veteran runner! If the goal is to leave everything on the trail or track or treadmill, then there will be pain and suffering in the journey to get there. Not to mention that ever-present temptation to quit in the middle, conjuring up a convenient excuse as to why you did. Reaching a given day’s goal – and achieving the “runner’s high” that follows – makes it all worthwhile. Keep up the workouts, and the inspirational posts.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Dave. Yes, the temptation to quit is always there but when the desire to meet your goals is strong enough your willpower will always win the day. The results I’m seeing will always give me the motivation to keep going.


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