Chance Decisions


It’s funny how simple chance decisions can make significant changes to your life.  A year ago I would spend many an evening watching television with my wife.  We had so many shows we’d watch together.  I was a bit of a really addict.  I would rarely listen to music, preferring instead to get lost in a good story.  Then one day while on YouTube, one of my favourite websites, I made a decision that was to have a major impact on my life.  I was a frequent visitor to YouTube even then.  I’ve always had something of a nostalgia streak so I would often watch old shows on YouTube.  Especially shows from my homeland, England.  I do have a lot of British shows on DVD but I would often watch a lot of comedy shows on YT.

One evening I must have been listening to a movie score on the site.  On the right hand side were links to other videos.  The top two or three were popular classical music videos.  On a whim I decided to watch one of them.  It was out of idle curiousity.  I wanted to see how many clips I knew.  As I listened two things struck me.  First, I knew every one of them.  There were probably ten to fifteen snippets of classical music pieces ranging from Beethoven’s Fifth, to Dvorak’s New World Symphony. 

The second thing that struck me was how much I enjoyed the music.  I watched a couple more videos of the same nature with equal enjoyment.  Then I started to wonder what I was missing.  This was the popular stuff that everybody knows.  I wanted to delve deeper.  So for the next two weeks I went to YouTube each night, picked a different composer and listened to that person’s works.  First night was Beethoven, next Mozart, then Tchaikovsky, on to Chopin, Dvorak etc.  By the second night I was hooked on classical.  I only watch a few television shows these days.  I prefer to lose myself in classical music.  I listen each night.  I can’t help it?  I just have to.  The music is just so relaxing and exhilarating.  It has been said everyone likes classical music, they just don’t know it.  The music is often used on movies, television shows, even on commercials.  A lot of the background music you hear that appeals to you just might be classical!  The music has so many different eras and styles ranging from Baroque to Romantic to the modern era.  I would recommend to anyone who is curious about classical to try it the way I did.  You probably won’t like it all.  I know I don’t.  But at least this way you can find out for yourself and it won’t cost you anything but time.

The point of this blog is you never know when a simple seemingly innocuous decision is going to transform your life. To think if I hadn’t made that chance decision to click on that popular classical music video that night, I wouldn’t have such a passion for this amazing music now.  This year has been a year of change.  I became a vegan and became a huge classical music fan.  I wonder what 2015 will bring…

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