Finding Your Purpose

Sometimes it can be a struggle to come up with a topic for a blog.  And sometimes a topic just drops in your lap!  Today is such a day.

While browsing Google + earlier, I came across this image.  To me, this image sums up all that we love about the company we are partnered with.


I’m sure we’ve all struggled with that age old question as we go through our daily lives.

What is my purpose?  Why am I here?

We just enrolled our first nonprofit group called Victory 4

The Voiceless.  This amazing group rescues stray cats, and cats that have been abused, on Staten Island, and finds them new loving homes.  Last night we had the pleasure of visiting their base of operations and we spent an amazing hour and a half in the company of the many cats they’re currently holding.  Some of the cats are strays and were unapproachable as they have probably never really had any human contact before.  But many of them were very friendly and came to us to be petted.  One of them even made himself comfortable on my lap for a while.  Christine and I are big animal lovers and we both especially love cats.  So we relish the opportunity to help this small but extremely dedicated group to bring in much needed funds.

The four groups in that image that define your purpose:

1: What you love to do.   Well, we love helping people and knowing we’re making a difference.

2: What the world needs.  So many people are suffering and many of their complaints are caused by everyday toxins they have in their homes.

3: What we do is share our healthy products with people..

4: What you are good at.  I like to think I’m good at writing and Christine is definitely good at talking! 😉


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