Making A Change For The Better

So it’s day three since I decided to become a vegetarian.  This might be the longest I’ve ever gone without meat.  Even when I was sick I would often have chicken soup. 
We went out to eat last night, my first restaurant meal since I cut out meat.  I tried eggplant rollatini for the first time and I loved it!  If I’m going to eat like this all the time as a veggie, I won’t even miss meat! 
My wife’s favourite food is eggplant parmagiana.  She has been a vegetarian for over 20 years.  I guess we can share when we eat out or taste each other’s meals! 
I’ve been reading up on the benefits of various vegetable dishes.  I’m a diabetic and I’ve been reading about how coconut, oats and soy all help regulate blood sugar levels.  So that’s another big reason to stay the course.  I’ve never read about any piece of meat having that sort of benefit.
So far I’ve had no cravings for any meat (although I know it’s only been three days and the real test is to come when I’m eating food with other people who are eating meat).  If I do feel any craving then I’ll just remind myself why I made the choice to become vegetarian.  I don’t see any major problem, though.  I simply don’t like the idea of eating meat anymore.  I’ve always been an animal lover and I just can’t live with the idea of an animal having to die so I can eat.  The simple truth is we don’t need to eat meat.  It’s not essential to our diet.  With the choices available to us today we can get all the nutrients we need from eating a vegetarian diet.  Most people eat meat simply because they’re conditioned to, because everyone else does and because it tastes good.  Those reasons are no longer enough to justify to myself any reason to continue eating a creature that had to be killed so I could eat it.
 My change came when I was eating a burger several days ago and the thought came into my mind that I’m eating a dead cow.  Suddenly that burger didn’t taste so good anymore.

10 thoughts on “Making A Change For The Better

  1. Congratulations on making one of the best decisions of your life – for your health, for your relationship, for your (future) children, for public health, for the animals, for social justice, and for our environment.
    For more info, please check Eco-Eating at


  2. That’s very awesome to hear! I became an eggplant lover myself after becoming vegetarian. This year will be my sixth and it’s something I’ll never give up on. 🙂 I just started following your blog so I hope to read more on your journey.


  3. All the best with your food journey. I have been a vegetarian for 23 years and if I eat something accidentally that has meat in it, I can taste the blood. Taste buds are easily convinced to change their preferences. I became gluten and dairy intolerant suddenly 6 years ago after an illness, so am very restricted with my diet. My favourite food used to be cheese, but if I smell it now, it just seems to smell of cow! Good days and bad days but it does get better 🙂


  4. wow I am so happy for you! Being a vegetarian was the best decision I’ve ever made and I love hearing other people describe the beginning of their path to wellness too! I bet your wife is so proud. Best of luck!


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