Using It


I was just sitting here, remembering something that happened when I was in my eary twenties.  I won’t say how long ago that was, but it was a few moons ago.  Or a fair few…


Anyway, at thet time I was a pretty keen photographer.  Actually, I’d only just gotten started.  I used to carry a camera around with me everywhere.  You never knew when a photography opportunity might present itself.

So there I was at a friend’s engagement party.  I only had a compact camera.  I’d just started out, and on the pay I was on then, I couldn’t afford anything fancy.  So this guy at the party (I learned he was the groon-to-be’s brother) took his camera out of a huge camera bag.  I think it was a Nikon.  All I know is it was pretty fancy looking.  Making sure everyone was watching, he screwed on a big lens, took out a big flash gun, slipping it into place on top of the camera.  Oh, he had all the bells and whistles!

I was all but drooling.

So, he put this impressive looking camera together, and then after looking around the room to make sure he was the center of attention he….

put it all away again.  Without taking a single shot. 

At his own brothers engagement party.

Needless to say, armed with my not so super-duper (but still pretty effective) compact camera, I took photos all night long.  The friend loved the pics too, and ordered loads of them.

So I guess the old saying holds true:  It’s not what you’ve got…it’s what you do with it that counts.

I’ve never really understood why some people are like that.  Do they not appreciate what they have?  Is it an attention thing?  Maybe some kind of status thing?  “Look at me, look what I have.”  It just seems such a waste to have something like that and choosing to do nothing with it.  Some people waste their lives.  Some people waste a gift.  It doesn’t really matter what it is.  Whatever you have, use it.  Take full advantage of it.  Because you can bet your bottom dollar that someone out there, who has less than you have, is making more of it, whatever “it ” may be.

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